Women Entrepreneurs to Benefit From Unilever’s Sunlight Women In Business Program


Unilever’s Sunlight in conjunction with Absa bank Kenya has invested in a five-year program to support women in business through empowerment such as financial literacy training and advertising.

According to Absa bank, there is dire need to encourage as many women entrepreneurs as possible to register their businesses, formalize their operations and maintain good records of their business transactions.

“These are important factors that not only determine an entrepreneurs’ ability to attract investment and credit but also scale their businesses to the next level” added Ms Wasunna.

Statistics currently show that women-owned businesses are currently making a significant contribution to the Kenyan economy, with 48% of all micro-small and medium-sized enterprises, which contribute to about 20% of the GDP.

During the very first stage of the program in the year 2020, Sunlight had partnered with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to train fifty women in entrepreneurship, innovation and financial literacy. Now for the second stage, Sunlight plans to train an additional five thousand women this year – a hundred-fold increase.

The training will FOCUS on development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of participating women addressing local needs through innovative and creative business solutions.

The alleged training will also encourage knowledge sharing, peer learning,and the forming a network of like-minded practitioners and entrepreneurs in Kenya and in the region.

The campaign is anchored on three pillars; media, shopper, and education to sustain its promise. This will see the media pillar donate media spaces to support the businesses by creating visibility through Digital, Radio and Out of Home ad spaces such as billboards. Shopper- offer spaces to the women for them to market their products through its in-store activation s and the education pillar to offer training on financial, literacy, marketing skills and digital marketing.

To qualify for the training, one must own a business that has been in operation for one year, be willing to learn,highly motivated to provide a positive impact to community.

There will be an open call to entry will be placed on the UNITAR platform from 21st June 2021- 20th July 2021.


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