5 Lifestyle changes you need to make if you want to save money


Do you intend to make saving a part of your everyday life? Then the first step is to keep track of ways you might waste money affecting your financial growth.

Here are top 5 money wasters and how can avoid them.

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Cell phone plans

Have you taken time to review your monthly cell phone bill? Am sure it will shock you how much money you spend on calls as well as data especially if you are not on any monthly plans.

Most of the times we don’t allocate a specific amount to phone bills instead we just top up when need arises.

The important questions to ask yourself would be

Which cell phone companies are available and at what are their rates and convenience?

Which plan aligns with my cell phone needs? Do I need more data, more minutes or sms?

Do I really need all the cell phone plans I pay for?

How much should be my monthly cell phone bill?


One of the top money wasters is actually food. The truth is a lot of us are eating up all our wealth. The money we spend eating out or on food deliveries accumulatively can be quite a lot especially if you have made a habit.

Secondly for those of us with an 8-5 job and we don’t carry packed lunch I would challenge you to calculate money spent on food every day seven days a week and see how much you could save if you packed your lunch instead.

Another case is the fact that we either buy more than we can afford to consume letting food and fruits go bad or serve more than we can eat and waste too much on left overs .

Unnecessary subscriptions

We often fall victim of subscribing to plans and memberships we barely use.

Do you have a gym membership but you barely go to the gym?

Are you one of those people that pay for Netflix that u barely watch?

Are you paying for home internet yet you are barely at home?

Are you paying for TV channels you don’t watch?

What have you subscribed to and are you getting value for our money?

Analyse your monthly or annual subscriptions and do away with anything that is more of a waste than a benefit.

Wardrobe needs

This mostly affects women because somehow we cannot get enough of new clothes. Online shops have become a major trap for most of us. The truth is fashion will keep changing and there is no day you will scroll down your home page and not see something that interests your eye but do you really need it?

Unfortunately we end up buying so many clothes that we don’t even wear. Taking time to go through your wardrobe to know what you may need at the moment will assist you to stop buying unnecessary clothes affecting your finances.

Impulse Buying

This is generally shopping without a plan. Unfortunate this affects almost all of us. The only easy way to avoid impulse buying is to create a monthly budget and hopefully stick to it.

Also ensure you have a shopping list when you go to the supermarket it will keep you focused on what is necessary.

Beware of emotional shopping and ensure you don’t fall victim.

Remember shopping in bulk can be cost saving but also wasteful if you shop for more than you can actually consume.

Lastly identify your needs and separate them from your wants it will keep you aware of your finances .You can find a guide on how to do this in our article

Bottom Line

Tracking your money is the only way to reducing money wastage and increasing your savings. This are just the few top money wasters we could think of, feel free to add any on the comment section. Also remember to subscribe if you like our content. Thank you and God bless.



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