The untold psychological price of entrepreneurship!


I know most of us are of the illusion that being a successful entrepreneur means you have it all together. Your success defined by a luxurious lifestyle, several cars to choose from, numerous vacations and unlimited freedom. While that could be all true at some point of success it’s also very true that entrepreneurship comes with its fair share of struggles, traumatic events & mental torture.

Failure is a big part of it

This is one thing that most people won’t tell you but failure is an undeniable part of entrepreneurship. It’s true that nobody starts a business to fail but there is also a high possibility that it could. This presents constant fear of failure which is a definite psychological anguish to the alleged entrepreneur.

My take on this is that sometimes it’s our strategies that fail not the entire business. That said, sometimes we don’t need to shut it down or change the line of business maybe all we need is just to strategize. Resilience is a necessary character trait for any entrepreneur since it will keep you going during times like this.

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Loneliness is a part of it

Venturing into entrepreneurship is in many ways lonely. Very well, you have friends, family and your team of employees’ maybe, but you will realize you cannot afford to be 100% transparent about the current state of your business. For example, entrepreneurs find themselves in a place where they need   to put up a front in order to keep the confidence of investors, and not worry family members.

These events happen to create lonely a space where all the worries and anxiety are left to one person. This is definitely unhealthy and definitely can be psychologically draining and a price one has to pay for venturing entrepreneurship. In a case like this we recommend mentorship or having a trusted person that you can turn to when things are not going as expected.

The entrepreneur spirit is very difficult to turn off.

The truth is most of the entrepreneurs I know of are very passionate about what they do. In fact passion is one of the main ingredients to successful entrepreneurship if you ask me. Most of them are willing to work for long hours or odd day of the week like weekends and holidays just to make the dream come true.

It is in this case that you will understand that entrepreneurship is a calling and those called to it cannot easily part from it.This said you’ll understand your business is a great part of your everyday life and will directly affect your emotional and mental being and there is nothing much  you can do about it.

Bottom Line

It’s true that starting a business can be psychologically tormenting but it’s also true nothing worth a while is achieved without struggle. If at all you feel passionate to start, run and grow a business let this article not instil fear but rather equip you with knowledge and help you manage your expectations. Ours is to wish you all the best and hope that you keep reading our articles for more knowledge, inspiration & business growth.  Feel free to subscribe & comment below if you like our content. Thank you & God bless.


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