5 Easy steps to building a financial plan that will work this year.


Focusing on execution of a well done budget and financial plan in the next 12 months will leave your financial situation totally different by December 31st 2022.Budgeting is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. Coming up with a budget is a fundamental step in getting started financially. It’s however one of the easiest parts since execution and sticking to your budget is a whole different ball game.

Here are simple steps to guide you in the year 2022 as you take part in financial planning.

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Savings & Investments  

How much do you plan to have saved at the end of the year? So how much must you save at the end of every month to ensure you achieve your goal? Where exactly do you plan on saving or investing this money? For what purpose or need are you saving? How much needs to go to your emergency fund & what about your retirement plan?   

Debt repayments

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How much of your debt do you plan to clear this year? How much of that debt then should you clear every month? What changes do you need to make to avoid more bad debts this year? How much good debt do you need to take, for what purpose and what will be your repayment plan?

Projects and Payments

What annual projects and payments do you need to make? How much will it cost you and how much needs to go to sinking funds every month? What are your constant expenses monthly and annually? How do you intend to pay them in line with your budget?

Spending Habits

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What changes do you need to make towards your spending habits to achieve your overall financial goal? What monthly limits do you need to make on food, shopping, utilities, giving etc.  


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Are you making enough money to cover all this needs or do you need to make more? What are some of the projects you can participate in to make more money throughout the year to achieve your financial goals?


You will need a working and a realistic budget to ace your finances this year. Your budget should include savings, investing, debt repayments and income generation not just spending. Ours is to wish you all the best and a financially successful year. Subscribe below for more informative, educative and life changing content.


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