HELB Loan Applications process and Requirements


What is HELB?

Higher education loan board is a government body that offers education loans to students in both private and public universities.

Helb loans are offered to students pursuing their studies in Public or Chartered Private Universities within the East African, either placed by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) or self-sponsored (Parallel) students taking a Bachelor’s Degree only.

It’s good to note Certificate, Diploma or Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply for Helb loans. The loan attracts 4% interest and Kes 1,000 ledger fee annually. Students are advised to apply for this loan at least one month prior the opening day to allow ample time for processing and disbursement of funds.

Who Qualifies for HELB?

1. Recent beneficiaries of the Undergraduate Loan

2. Students placed by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service [KUCCPS] in the local public and private universities

3. Self-Sponsored, Parallel and Module II Students studying for a Bachelor’s degree only [Certificate, Diploma, Pre-University and Postgraduate students ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PRODUCT]


1. One copy of the Applicant’s national ID.

2. Two copies of the parents’ National ID Cards/death certificate where the parent is deceased

3. Copies of both guarantors’ National ID Card

4. One copy of the applicant’s admission letter and KCSE result slip/certificate

5. One copy of the applicant’s Bank ATM/Bank card (for Government sponsored students only)

6. One copy of the applicant’s Smart Card from the institution

7. One recent coloured passport size photograph of the applicant.

How to apply for a HELB Loan

  1. Visit the helb portal on www.helb.co.ke to access the Student Portal then click on “create an account” to register.
  2. Once you have created an account, log in and select the appropriate Undergraduate First Time Loan Application Form [LAF].
  3. Fill the loan application form.
  4. Print TWO copies of the completed filled  Application Form (this is mandatory)
  5. Have the forms filled, signed, and stamped by the relevant authorities as required.
  6. Attach all the documents and present one copy of the well filled Loan Application Form at any of the following Huduma centers or Anniversary Towers.
  7. Retain one completely filled copy of the Loan Application Form [This is mandatory]

Point to note

Ensure you read, understand, and follow the instructions provided on online loan application process including reading and taking part in the HELB Financial Literacy Programme.

How much does one get from HELB

The maximum Undergraduate amount awarded is Kshs. 60,000. For the students placed by (KUCCPS), this loan amount is to cater for both Tuition fee and Upkeep of the student.

 A standard amount of Kshs. 4,000 only for Government sponsored students is deducted from the loan awarded and deposited to the university every semester for tuition [Total Ksh 8, 000] and the rest is sent to the student’s bank account for  upkeep.

For the Self sponsored students, the whole amount is sent directly to the university once a year as tuition fees.

An Administrative Fee of Ksh. 500 per year is charged on the loan and it is therefore deducted from the disbursed loan.

 It’s also good to note a limited number of needy government sponsored students receive a bursary of between Ksh. 4, 000 and Ksh. 8,000 every year.

 The Bursary is paid to the university as tuition.

How to repay HELB loan

Undergraduate loan repayment starts within one year of completion of studies period as the Board

One can however make voluntary payments before or after completion of university studies to reduce the loan balance.

HELB Payment  via Mpesa.

  • Go to your Mpesa Menu and select the Lipa na Mpesa.
  • Select Paybill.
  • Enter Paybill number(200800)
  • Enter your national ID number is the account number.
  • Key in the amount to pay.
  • Input your pin number.
  • Send and wait for a confirmation message.
HELB Payment via Bank Deposits

All bank payments are payable to Higher Education Loans Board, by a crossed cheque, bankers cheque, direct transfers /standing orders /EFT or cash deposit to HELB collection A/C in any of the following listed banks

Citibank A/C -300 040 012

Co-operative Bank A/C- 011290 612 228 00     

Absa Bank A/C -077 501 8216

KCB Bank A/C -NO 1103 266 314

Standard Chartered Bank A/C NO 010 801 826 4700

Equity Bank A/C -055 029 357 3408       

National Bank of Kenya A/C -01001060391100           

Family Bank  A/C -035 000 024 971       


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