Does Kenya have the highest Fuel prices in East Africa?


A recently computed report shows Kenya could have the highest fuel prices around East Africa.

In the past few days Kenyans have had to dig deep into their pockets following yet another major hike in fuel prices. A litre of petrol is now retailing at Sh122.81 in Nairobi at least in the next one month marking an increase of around ksh 7.61.

This will eventually lead to additional transportation fees by Kenyan motorists and matatus affecting the cost of living of the common mwananchi.

Kenyans however can’t help but feel pressured considering the high cost of living especially during this tough corona times. You can however note the prices of petroleum products are capped to protect consumers but however the customer might still feel quit burdened considering the constant price changes.

Its however good to note that the fuel prices in Kenya could be the highest around east Africa.

For example considering the Petrol price in Uganda is currently retailing at 116.22 marking a difference of around ksh 6.59 and the petrol price in Tanzania is currently retailing at ksh93.67 making a difference of as much as ksh 29.14.

The Factors considered in the calculation of retail prices, according to Epra, includes the 8% Valued Added Tax (VAT) in addition to the revised rates of excise duty adjusted for the increase in prices of goods and services.

According to Epra acting Director General Daniel Kiptoo the changes in this month’s pricing is as a consequence of the landed cost of the imported super petrol increasing by 14.97 % – from $391.24 (Sh42,645) per cubic meter in January 2021 to $449.82 (Sh49,030).  

Kenyans remain saddened by the high cost of housing, water ,gas and electricity bills and other fuels due to high rates of taxation and other factors especially considering the high rate of unemployment and business shutdowns during a global pandemic .


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