5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the work place


Do you ever finish your day feeling like you weren’t able to accomplish anything? You get up in the morning with a plan, a list of tasks, a goal… but by the end of the day your to do list is untouched or even longer. We all have 24 hours in a day but the question is how well we manage our time and how it affects our overall success.

This is something even I can relate to, it can be difficult to be productive at work. One of the key things to achieving productivity is proper time management, identifying your distractions and setting achievable goals.

In this article are tips by a career couch on increasing productivity, working smarter and achieving more!

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1. Stop multitasking

It can be very tempting to take care of more than one task at ago; especially in the case they seem small or easy. But this is one thing that doesn’t work well especially in a work environment. Focusing on one task at a time will get you completing your tasks faster and then you can proceed to the next one ensuring more productivity.

 2. Take breaks

It’s perfectly normal to think working longer hour’s nonstop means doing more. This will only result to burn out due to exhaustion and thus slow our mind and hence doing and achieving less. Studies show taking regular breaks boosts your concentration and improves your mood hence boasting productivity.

3. Set smaller goals

Sometimes, looking at the goals ahead can be overwhelming. Looking at a handful of big projects on our calendar can trigger stress but imagine if you break it up into smaller tasks, you’ll are likely to  feel more in control and will be much more productive. This will keep you on the right track in your day-to-day activities and make the big projects less daunting.

4. Take care of the biggest responsibilities when you’re most alert

The truth is we all have our moments when we are struggling to stay alert and achieve much. We also have days when we are totally motivated and alert this are the days that we should preserve to tackle our big goals.

If you are for example a morning person tackle those tasks in the morning then proceed to tackle the rest of the smaller tasks during the day.

I have done a very informative article on setting achievable goals have a look 5 Steps to set Goals you will actually achieve.

5. Implement the “two-minute rule”

According to entrepreneur Steve Olenski, identifying and immediately completing tasks that take two minutes or less actually saves you time. So, if you have any task that takes less than two minutes complete it.

Bottom Line

It’s good to note that not every day will be perfectly productive and that’s okay. You don’t have to beat yourself up Instead, focus on doing the most to achieve your goals and getting better at it every day. We hope this tips help. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter below for more of these informative pieces. Thank you and God bless.


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