5 Ways for your business to Stand Out from Competition


Building a successful business definitely requires us to stand out from competition .This way potential clients will choose us over our opponents.

In the case that a business owner makes the right moves towards this goal they will end up gaining superiority within the market and as a result spend less on marketing and will require a shorter sales cycle to reach potential customers.

In this article, we are going to highlight exactly how to stand out from competition, this way you will position your brand as the better choice for potential and existing customers.

1. Strike an emotional connection with your customers (Share your story)

Sharing the story behind your brand or business is definitely going to provoke an emotional connection with your target audience. This actually is one of the most definite ways to remain relevant.

Remaining honest and telling authentic stories based on the persona of your brand is an undeniably artistic. This way you are able to convey your mission, vision and brand core values in a way that potential clients can relate to your story and therefore are able to connect to your business.

2. Research on competition

It’s going to be hard to stand out from competition if you are not well informed of their current cause of action. In this case you will be required to research, follow closely, and monitor your competitor’s strategic moves so as to learn what you need to do different to stand out from the rest.

3. Provide outstanding customer service

Customer service is the most overlooked element of any business success and growth. It’s however proven that Companies that take customer service seriously can grow their revenue up to 8% above competition. Also 84% of customers find customer service a very key element while making a decision to purchase a product.

Enhancing customer service is one way to stand out from competition. Ensuring you provide quality help to consumers, as they carry out a purchase and even after. Answering their calls promptly as well as responding to their texts and emails will keep your customers satisfied as well as willing to give you referrals

4. Don’t just be better — be different

Contrary to popular opinion that you should have a product or service that is better to what your competitors got, we would advocate for a product/service that is different.

This is because of how the human brain works. People are more attracted to things outside the ordinary. Nothing draws the eye more than something unique that stands out from the rest in the market

Things that are the same blend into obscurity while things that are unusual stand out.

Let’s take an example of the Apple brand. I wouldn’t say they are better than android, despite what many people believe. They are however priced higher than android devices and that’s just because they use different operating system. This however makes them stand out and highly attractive to target customers.

They’re not better they are just different.

5. Provide testimonials of happy customers

It’s definitely hard to convince a stranger that your brand is better than all the others they know. They will need to see evidence. They will also assume you are acting in your own best interest when you speak in praise of your business.

It is in this case then you can employ your customers to give testimonials of how well the product or service you are offering serves them.

Their satisfaction will be evidence that other clients can trust your brand to deliver. This is one of those marketing strategies proven to work quit well.

These testimonials will influence potential customers both logically and emotionally while making a decision to buy from you or not.


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