5 Traits all great business owners share!

Success is not defined by how well we performed in school or how many degrees we possess. It comes down to our personality, mindset and our outlook on life.


While most of us are highly enticed by the idea of venturing into a business how many of us are really built for it?

Success is clearly not defined by how well we performed in school or how many degrees we hold. It all comes down to our personality, mindset and our outlook on life.

So today we discuss personality traits that very common in most successful business owners and how you can tell if your personality aligns with the need to become a successful entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship instantly gives you freedom to run a business on your own terms, at your own time and at your own pace without the supervision of a boss or a senior person. This leaves you with nothing but the need to manage your time well, work even on days you don’t feel like and meet your deadlines without any supervision. This calls for a lot of self-discipline, time management skills and constant determination.


Passion is when you care about what you do and money or compensation is not your only motivation. Passion ensures one is constantly motivated despite the fact that the venture may not have gotten to the profit making stage.  

It will also keep you going on tough business days which make it a powerful predictor on whether your business idea will lead to success or not.


One of the character traits of a true entrepreneur is Resilience. This is the ability to see challenges as opportunities for growth and progress rather than the reason for failure. It is making sure that the difficulties you face empower you and do not derail you. The ability to envision nothing short of success because the only time you grow and learn as an entrepreneur is when you’re faced with extremely difficult challenges and have to make hard choices.


Innovation is the ability to develop and apply new ideas to improve the way things are done or how a certain result is attained. Innovation is a big part of running a business and one of the key skills for your business to grow.

Your ability to innovate will also help your business to rise above competition and respond well to changing times.

Willingness to learn

As an entrepreneur you are required to constantly acquire new skills and knowledge to propel your business to the next level, to stay ahead of your competition and keep up with the changing times. This can be characterized by intensive research, mentor-ship, reading and generally making the necessary observations.



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