5 Steps to setting Goals you will actually achieve this year.


Have you had a hard time following through your new year goals and resolutions? Goal setting is an important  and clearly cut  process that starts with identifying a new target,intention or a project you want to take part in and so have to work towards.You will then need a plan to achieving the same as well as putting in the necessary effort to achieving your new goal. Here is a guide on how you can increase the possibility of achieving this years set resolutions…,

Outline the steps to attaining your goals

So how exactly do you plan on achieving your goals?  The first step is to create an action plan, which includes the results you want to achieve and clear steps on how to plan to get there.

This will keep you accountable to your plan as well as get you to do the necessary research to achieving your objective.

Set a deadline to each step

This is just to hold you accountable and keep you consistent. Most of us set goals then we take even years to achieve them. This will ensure you are able to attain your goal at a certain time limit which even guarantees you the possibility to succeed even further

Anticipate challenges and come up with ways to mitigate them

In each and every thing you try to achieve, challenges are extremely inevitable. It is in this case you have to sit down and outline what possible challenges you might experience and come up with a way to mitigate or manage them.

This will ensure almost a smooth sail since when faced with challenges you will be able to rise above them

Re-evaluate and assess your progress

Depending on your type of goal consider scheduling a weekly or a monthly evaluation to measure your progress and see how close you are to finishing. This will help you make any necessary adjustments in case you are behind your schedule.

Set a Reward

It’s extremely important to reward yourself for work well done. This will serve as your ultimate motivation to keep going. Turning any idea into a reality takes hard work and consistency so you need to keep yourself motivated. Setting  a possible reward will give you one more reason to fight another day towards attaining your goals .

The process of goal setting makes you attain success faster and more efficiently. It will power your ambitions and help you achieve your favorable results . Following a well outlined goal setting process will help you set goals that are smart, specific, timely and very realistic.


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