5 Clear signs you are not cut out for an 8-5 Job


We live in an era where so many of us were raised to the idea of “go to school, get good grades, this will get you a good job and you will very happy”.

The issue is that this doesn’t work for a so many of us and while it might work for others. Some people may thrive in an 8-5 job while others may feel stuck or unfulfilled behind any working desk.

Below we highlight a few signs that you could be clearly not cut out for an 8-5 job.

You don’t like routines

Working an 8-5 job requires you to have a daily routine. You will need to wake up every morning at a particular time every day to go to work and leave work at certain time of the day.

If You however find the idea of waking up every morning to do the same thing boring, monotonous or sickening then you are probably not cut out for an 8-5 job.

You hate getting up early

It will be definitely hard to survive an 8-5 job if you don’t like early mornings at all and given a chance you would like to decide at what point does your day start or end. People who sleep too much also may find it hard to survive an 8-5 job.

You can’t stand authority

Employment is generally submitting to a higher authority. If you are a natural rebel and hate the idea of someone telling you what to do and when to do it then you might need to find a new path. If you also don’t want anyone dictating what you wear and how your day goes then then you might have to choose a different career path.

You are too creative

You strongly feel like working an 8-5 job is totally limiting since you are a creative person and can thrive in another field. This happens in cases of Talent or creativity and the undeniable need to do more with your life.

You are Business minded

Your ultimate goal is to venture into entrepreneurship. You like the idea of starting and running your own business or hustle and you are built for it. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and so is employment. So, in cases where your personality traits and mindset fits entrepreneurship it’s going to be hard to be satisfied with just being an employee.


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