5 Easy Ways for New Business Owners to Get Free Publicity


As entrepreneurs we must know the value of publicity. When your business is well known it will not only increase your sales but it will also build trust and increase the loyalty of your existing customers. Building publicity is one of the most definite ways of setting the stage for long-term growth.

However one of the challenges is that publicity can be very expensive. If you’re a new business owner, you definitely don’t want to spend so much money getting your brand mentioned by influencers or celebrities. Fortunately, there are convenient ways to get your business free publicity as listed below.

1. Get Interviewed

If you can, spend some time building relationships with journalists, popular you tubers and even bloggers especially on a local level. If you end up in good relationships with them, you might stand a chance to do interviews in their channels and reaching a good number people. You can also simply reach some reporters for your local newspaper, TV stations and make yourself and your business known to them. This can earn you a lot of free publicity as well as help you build trust and sales for your business.

You can also target shows that favour your products. For example if you are in the fashion industry you can target fashion shows and journalists as well as blogs.

2. Blog Features

One of the easy ways of generating free business publicity is through blogging and content marketing. The idea is simple enough. This can be done by coming up with relevant, important content that people want to read, work on promoting it and attract more people to your website. If your content is good it might grows popular on its own. The trick here is to create content that is special and unique enough since the internet saturated with content.

You can also tell your story for already existing blogs to publish it. Would you like to have your business featured by us? Send us an email on info@theentrepreneur.co.ke

 3. Exceptional Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience includes going out of your way to serve your customers. I’m not talking about providing just decent customer service but going above and beyond your job description to serve your customers. The truth is when customers are greatly impressed they will remember most the events and share it with other people including their family, friends and colleagues. If you’re successful on this, you can potentially reach a lot of people through word of mouth.

4. Volunteering and donations

Allow me to admit this one might cost a bit of money but it doesn’t have to be much. You can always find a local non-profit organization or charity you admire and contribute something to them. It could be as simple as a donation of your products and services or as simple as a donation of time. Chances are, they could express their gratitude publicly, recognizing your business and possibly listing it as a donor. Plus, you’ll also be considered socially responsible by giving back to the society.

5. Offer Free Products Online

In this case, it is obvious that you will need to give away free things to develop a fan base. You can do this on your social media pages or even on your website. The free stuff can be anything ranging from a product you are selling, to eBooks you have done, podcasts, Webinars, exacta, in exchange for emails or publicity.

You can also run a giveaway campaign where you have people liking and sharing your page and choosing a winner at the end of it all. This will build attention towards your business and may result to overall growth.


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