5 Dream killers keeping you from the life you could have


while many might dismiss the power of dreams the truth is every advancement in humanity was born as a dream & the power to kill or build our dreams fully remains in our hands.

We can only achieve our dreams by identifying all the possible limitations we have and learning how to manage them along the way. Here are some dream killers that you may need to identify and work through.

  1. Fear

One of the biggest dream killers is definitely fear. This could be Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of loss or simply fear of the unknown. The truth is we are all afraid of something but the trick is to face our fears so that it does not become a barrier to achieving our intended success.

The first step towards overcoming fear is to identify and acknowledge that it’s there. Also getting to know what the specific fear is so becomes easier to address it.

2. Negativity

Nothing will hold you back like negativity whether from people around us or even ourselves. It can be very discouraging, distracting or misleading since its mostly magnifies our weaknesses and ignores all our strengths.

The best way to overcome negatively is to be a hundred percent aware of your environment as well as your own thoughts.

Remaining positive yourself and also hanging around positive influence .

3. Insecurity

Insecurity is an internal negative perception concerning your personal inabilities and its closely related to fear.

Insecurity can also be caused by external perceptions of you like other people opinions of you. This can lead to a lot of self-doubt and belief that you are incapable of attaining your goals and making your dreams come true.

The best way to overcome insecurity is by self-affirming, disconnecting with negative people and identifying what triggers it and constantly working on the same.

4. Toxic influences

 This could refer to our background which means family or even our friends.

It all goes down to the company you choose to keep. The company you keep is the value you reap.

Sometimes they mean well but they can also expose you to their negative perceptions which you may end taking as the plain truth.

Just because they couldn’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

The best way to overcome this is to respect everyone’s opinion but stick to your identity and believe in your capabilities.

5. Past Experiences

 The last one yet the most common one is our past experiences. This is normally the hardest one to manage since it’s hard to disconnect with our past traumas, it could be past hurts, failures, disappointments on any form of pain.

This easily causes us to develop dream destructive behaviors and most of the time we do it unknowingly.

 Our take on this is that if you are unable to overcome any of the mentioned dream killers it’s advisable to see a counselor or a

mental health specialist to assist you address any of this issues

that derail your success. We however wish you all the best and it’s our hope that this article only takes you a step closer.


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