4 Reasons why Passion is the only key to success

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The greatest factor I would vouch for whether you are starting a new business or you are considering a new career is passion. While other attributes such as intellect, consistency, willingness to learn and focus are great qualities passion outshines them all. I would confidently say it’s the drive that we need to achieve possibly anything.

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Makes it hard to give up                                                                           

The truth is starting a business is not for the faint hearted. It takes patience, resilience and consistency despite all the challenges you are likely to face.

On the other hand when you love what you do, and when you do it not just for the benefits but also because you enjoy doing it that becomes an enough reason to keep going despite any challenges you may face.

Helps during financial constraints

The truth is you won’t start a business and start making money immediately. It takes a while to succeed and this can be very frustrating.

Imagine having put in all that work and receiving nothing in return.

In most cases the first stage of business involves what I call a sowing stage. Just like a plant it will take digging, sowing, nurturing, waiting then harvesting.  Passion is the only attribute that can take you through all this stages.

Keeps you positive

Having a positive attitude towards what you do for a living and towards life at large is underrated. We all have had a negative attitude towards one of those jobs and we know how that is like. A negative attitude will get you dreading even getting of bed or doing even the simplest tasks.

Passion will help you maintain a positive attitude towards challenging times as well.

Increases Productivity

The only way to remain productive is to love what you do. That way you become very enthusiastic and focused on what you are doing making good use of your time and day.

When an employee or a business owner is passionate, their work ethic increases. They become more apt to get things done on time and within a certain time scope

 Bottom Line

 As a result of passion we tend to get obsessed with what we do and that breeds focus and consistency. This will then make us more skilled and more knowledgeable in our respective fields leading to success. While this is my take and experience I would however acknowledge we are not all lucky to work in jobs that we like. However, always remember it’s not too late to turn around. Mine is to wish you all the best.

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