10 Ways to make money online in Kenya


In this digital error the internet has totally changed how we do business. It has managed to bring people and entities together despite where they are geographically located.

In this case business owners are able to sell their goods and services locally as well as globally considering how well you are able to position ourselves as a business.

It is however good to note making money online is a full-time job that requires a lot of patience, hard work and persistence. It is not a get rich quick scheme unless it’s a scam that will not survive the test of time.


This is characterized by buying and selling of goods and services over the internet.  This is a situation where an online store does not keep an inventory of the items its selling but instead purchases it from a supplier who then ships the item directly to the customer. The online store owner does not see or handle the particular product.

We have some local and international sites that engages in this kind of business and am sure we have shopped online with them .


Blogs are informational websites where writers share their stories on subjects of their choice. Maybe guided by passion or expertise there are many profitable niches one can blog on and make money  . This includes lifestyle, fashion , health, fitness , cooking  and finance just to mention a few

 Its good to note that you can monetize your blog by placing ads  on your site for example using google AdSense .

You can also monetize your blog using affiliate marketing and selling private ads and hosting sponsored posts.

Affiliate Marketing: This is blogging   about an advertiser’s product and they will pay you a commission for each sale that come from your site.


Vlogs are video blogs . Unlike a blog this refers to a type of blog where most or all of the content is formatted into a video . This may consist of creating a video where you talk on a certain subject such as reporting , product review or offering a tutorial  on how to do a certain thing .

 This involves creating a profile on You Tube mainly and also on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Tips on creating a Quality Vlog .

  • Choose a very interesting topic
  • Choose a quality recording device
  • Use a microphone when need be
  • Select a good location with great lighting, ambiance and minimal noise.

Recording podcasts

One of the newest ways you can build an audience is creating a podcast . This will give you a great opportunity to generate money. Here are several ways you can actually monetize your podcasts:

  • You can Stream it live on your YouTube channel and make money from ads
  • You can sell your own products

Selling stock photos

Stock photos are pictures of usual places, people ,nature and sometimes events which are mostly licensed for commercial use. We have several websites you can use to sell your stock photos

  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutter Stock
  • Fotolia
  • iStockphoto

 Writing and Selling e-Books

Its good to note now you can write or package a book  and post it for your clients to download and pay for it . You can write on any favorable topic including education , recipes , a guide or anything you are knowledgeable  on .

  • Its good to note you can sell your E-book on online platforms such as Amazon.

Academic Writing

Academic writing involves writing essays or attending to your clients assignments as well as writing research papers .

      As a beginner you can write for some one with an already established website

      and maybe later on you can grow your own website manage the same and look

      for writers to write for your site.

Academic writing can be very lucrative depending on your strategy especially if you are able to grow a trusted sites and attract jobs consistently .

Forex Trading

Am sure we have all heard of the sometimes-booming forex trading . You can make money online by being a trader on trusted sites . You can learn how to trade from numerous online platforms, blogs or vlogs as well as professionals .

Its in this case that you need to register with a broker and ensure you have a funded trading account and one earns by the ability to predict the fluctuating value of  certain currencies during a certain period of time. Its good to note that financial institutions like Banks also take part in forex trading so with the necessary knowledge you will be able to make a good amount.

Digital Marketing

This may apply to people with a large social media following as well as influential people like celebrities where by clients are willing to pay them to promote their products and services over the internet.

This may include  

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing.

Mobile Phone Applications

A mobile phone application is the commonly know phone app. Its a software designed to run on a mobile device, tablet or a computer. Apps constantly help provider its users with specific services and are limited to a certain function. This use of phone application software’s was originally popularized by Apple Inc by starting an App Store and then taken over by Android and other providers

You can make a unique sellable mobile app and monetize it using downloads and adverts or you can take part in app flipping that is reselling apps to make money. 

We would love to hear how you make money online or what we can expound on as far as this topic is concerned by commenting below or sending us an email on info@theentrepreneur.co.ke


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