10 Things that discourage customers from buying things from your online business


 One of the greatest business requirements is the need to build a relationship with your customers. Social media has however made it possible to connect with all possible clients from all different walks of life but are we even making the most of this life changing invention?

It’s good to note entrepreneurship is not about selling products or services, but its actually serving people through your products and services. Once you focus on serving your possible or existing customer you will realize there is a possibility to make a sale shortly thereafter.

You are not consistent

We all know consistency is the key to any success. The same must apply to our social presence. It’s also quite important to note most online clients don’t know you or even your business location so they shop based on trust. You don’t want to post too much since you it might get irritating but you also do not want to post too less otherwise your business won’t look serious or rather your customers will lose trust in you and your business.

Tip: The recommended times you can post is at least 2-3 posts per week depending on your content especially if you are into content creation. If you are into selling then that might valley with your daily goals and objectives.

You are not social networking

Social media platforms are specifically made for social networking. Yet we are so focused on making a sale that we forget the main reason we are actually here.

I cannot emphasize enough on the need to interact with other accounts to create the networks you need for your business to succeed.

Tip: Liking other people’s content and commenting on it works to your favor and can be a great way to make your existence known as well as to interact with new potential clients.

Not understanding your customer

This is one of those expensive mistakes most of us make especially because it is also a marketing strategy. If you do not understand your target client then how do you plan on connecting with them? How will they be able to connect with your content or product?

Tip:   who are your target clients?  what do they like? what do they need? What are their preferences, dos or don’ts? This will help you custom make your product or service according to their need and that is one of the strongest selling points.

  • Not adding enough Value

One of the greatest mistakes we make as business owners is always selling. Believe me I understand the need to close on a sale, meet a target and make some profit the ultimate goal is to make money anyway. But let’s be realistic, if you look around you will see a lot other people doing what you do.

This leaves us with no other choice that to bring something else to the table except our need to close a sale.

At this time and age we have no choice but to be interesting, relatable, educative and concerned about our customers’ needs. This is the only way you get to truly connect with your client.

Tip: Just the same way you smile and connect to your clients once they walk in your office strive to create that same connection with your clients on social media. Work on building a community that relates to you and your product.

  • You are not using different platforms correctly

 If you are a wise business owner by now you might actually notice

 that different posts work for different social media platforms. 

 let’s take an example of Facebook and Instagram, you can   

post a direct link of your blog to your Facebook page but posting a     picture of the same blog on Instagram mostly looks ridiculous.

This requires understanding the two platforms and how you can engage your followers on both sites independently while sending the same message

Tip: Take time to understand different social platforms and how people relate to them. This will help you organize your content in a way that different posts will fit different platforms without anything having to look out of place.

  • You are not taking advantage of paid advertising 

Allow me to be very honest when it comes to this one. Organic following is always a good idea but how possible is it to build a successful business without any the form of advertising.

 Depending on how successful you want be and how fast you want to grow, taking advantage of the paid adverts once in a while will assist you connect with more potential clients.

Tip: Include social media advertising on your business budget. You will be surprised on how much more people you could reach if you just invested a small amount of money in a few ads once in a while

  •  You are not using all Social media Business Tools

Its good to note the need to use all social media business tools and features. Make full use of Instagram stories, Facebook live streams, Instagram live and Reels, shops and all business supportive features on social media.

Tip: The truth is different clients understands different business languages and exploring most of this features will help you reach and capture the eye of more potential customers.

  • You Lack of Patience

Its good to note a successful journey on running a business on social media doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a combination of patience, resilience and willingness to constantly learn through the process.

 Tip: One other that trick I would want to highlight is the fact that you can always learn from your competition by noting what they are doing and what is working for them and what’s not.

You are not responding to customer requests or comments on time

   We cannot afford to ignore a possible client can we?  But haven’t all once in a while asked a question in a business page and gotten a response two days later. This is one of the common mistakes we make since most of the time nothing will make a potential client lose interest as fast.

Tip: Timely replies to clients shows efficiency and is a key ingredient to building so much trust between you and your client. Customer requests and feedback offers an opportunity to interact with your client, learn and understand their needs as well as respond to their enquiries, concerns and compliments.

You are Telling your customers to DM you for Price

 This is one of those hot conversations I would like to extensively have with small business owners to understand how it even works. At what point is it possible for a client to request for the price on a product and your response is DM for price?

My thoughts would be it shows lack of transparency, professionalism and to me even appears a bit rude or arrogant but maybe for the first time I stand to be corrected.

Read on Why the popular “DM FOR PRICE” Response is killing your business. Kindly check it out and Feel free to leave a comment, question or even a compliment below.

You can also email your feedback at info@theentrepreneur.co.ke and again thank for reading. We hope you learnt a thing or two.


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