10 most Lucrative farming opportunities in Kenya today


Did you know Agribusiness is the backbone of Kenya’s economy? Most Kenyans are venturing in agribusiness while applying modern technology to make it more efficient and profitable. Below are the top ten most profitable agribusiness ideas:

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1) Pig farming

One of the most popular white meats in Kenya is pork. Pork sells almost as good as beef.

The most common breeds in Kenya include landrace Hampshire, large white, and duroc. Considering the demand for pork in Kenya this opportunity is an excellent way to make tangible income.

You market will include butcheries, supermarkets, hotels and other possible consumers.

You can also rare pigs and sell them as well as sell piglets for more income.

 2) Fertilizer distribution

Fertilizer distribution is one of the most untapped markets in Kenya today. This could be because it’s mostly controlled by government entities but that should not in any way frighten you.

The business will involve you identifying high quality fertilizers and finding market which includes other suppliers. It will also involve getting to know manufacturers since this will enable you cut on cost and maximize profit. One may also decide to supply directly to large scale farmers or even small scale farmers in rural areas.

3) Tree tomato (Tamarillo) farming

Tamarillo is a fast growing tree that produces fruits that are rather on high demand and might be gold mine for you as a farmer. The tree has a life expectancy of about 12 years so you can enjoy its fruits for quite a while.Tamarillo can be grown in almost every soil type and on any climatic condition. The tree only grows up to 2-5 meters high, forming one upright trunk with side way branches. The best part about tamarillo farming is that it doesn’t involve much start-up capital and it can be quit lucrative.

 4) Bull rearing

An average bull normally fully matures in about a span of two years. Bull rearing provides excellent beef and one can get involved in meat production as well as semen for artificial insemination. Some of the breeds that provide quality meat includes: Sahiwal, Simmental, East African Zebu, and the Boran. Beef production is also sourced from other beef breeds like Hereford, Charolais or Angus. While premium semen breeds include Red cliff, Danshot, Red Torpedo, Montreux, Broekhuizen Bart, and Heuvel Bulykin. To raise exceptional bulls, ensure that you feed them well as well as house them and give them enough water.

5) Poultry farming

One of the most popular farming in Kenya is poultry farming. One of the things you can be assured of is that the demand for chicken will never decrease thanks to the numerous fast food joints in Kenya. With one chick costing approximately ksh100 it’s not only affordable to start but can also be profitable considering the ready market in Kenya today. Poultry farming offers both meat and eggs depending on your target market and the need that you want to satisfy.

You can keep ducks and geese as well. Other places that one can supply poultry farmers include schools, bakeries, restaurants, and supermarkets. You also have the option of having kienyeji, or broilers.

6) Animal feed production

animal feed and lable

 All Poultry farming, dairy keeping, pigs, goats and sheep farming will need feeds for their animals. Producing animal feeds is not as difficult as you may imagine and can be one of the most profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya today.

All you will need is materials such as bean barns, silage, lucerne, hay, maize stalks, and Napier grass. You can produce feeds for your own animals and cut cost as well as sell the surplus to other farmers.

 A bag of layers marsh costs around Ksh. 2500 – 3000 while a bag of the marsh for dairy cows goes for around Ksh. 1000 – 1500. If you can produce 5-10 bags a day you might be able to make a good amount.

7) Avocado farming

Avocado farming is lucrative agribusiness in Kenya. Statistics show that Kenya produces around 15,000 metric tons of avocado every year, to cater for local markets as well as exports. Types of avocados on can farm include Hass avocado, fuerte and pinkerton. Hass avocados are easier to start with since they take 3-4 years to mature. One Hass avocado seedling costs around kes 150. The cost of an avocado usually ranges from 10-30 kes depending on factors such as grading, demand and supply.

8. Vegetable farming

Vegetable farming can be quit lucrative especially considering that vegetables don’t do well in some type of soils. Some vegetables cost less to plant and maintain but they also don’t bring you much in return. Vegetables such as mushrooms, French beans and broccoli can be a good idea for commercial farming. Mushrooms are among the most expensive vegetables in Kenyan supermarkets, grocery stores, and open markets today while the rest two are easy to commercialize. Other profitable vegetables include collard greens, cabbages, kales, spinach, pumpkin vegetables, and cilantro.

9. Dairy farming

Daily farming might sound common but I assure you we have farmers making millions out of daily. However, it has to be done right and professionally which includes acquiring great breeds of cows and feeding them well. Common breeds in Kenya include Jersey, Freshian, Ayshire, Guernsey and cross breeds. You will need to be patience with your cows, shelter them well, good feeds and once in a while hire support from a good vet and a nutritionist.

10. Bee Keeping

One of the most untapped lucrative farming ideas in Kenya is bee keeping. The cost of starting a bee keeping business is relatively low and the profits can be quite high. You can start a bee keeping business in Kenya with as less as 3,000 by constructing a langstroth bee hive from a local carpenter. Other resources you may need are veils, bee suits and smokers (Smokers are used to control the bees in times of harvest to prevent them from stinging you).

Bottom Line

We are living in times where one may need more than one type of income to survive or at least to thrive. With the current rate of lay-offs and job insecurities farming can also work as a great side hustle or a plan to fall back on as well as your way out of employment.

We however cannot cover the whole topic here today but we hope for starters this article is informative and educating enough to get you started. We will keep researching and bring to you live more on agribusiness and other businesses you can venture into and build tangible wealth. Subscribe below for educative and informative content.

Thank you for reading.


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